A dedicated team of legal and tax professionals

We are a small and dedicated team with more than 10 years experience in serving digital nomads and new businesses

  • Stefan Kolev is a lawyer registered in Plovdiv BAR Association of lawyers with more than 20 years combined experience in corporate, property and contract law;
  • Ivaylo Panov is an accountant and a manager of an accounting company  which has been providing bookkeeping services for more than 20 years for companies specialized in international trade.  Miglena Pipeva is an accountant with long experience in import/export and EU VAT regulations ;
  • Our team works closely with customs agents, real estate property agencies and translation agencies providing fast and efficient service in tight timeframes;
  • We manage a small portfolio of residential properties and offices providing residence address, accommodation and shared office space for our clients;
  • Shared houses for rent and apartments for rent are provided in the city of Plovdiv and the smaller towns Krichim, Asenovgrad, the village of Kurtovo Konare ;
  • We serve clients in Plovdiv region, however we can assist with any legal matter related to your business;

Our office is in Plovdiv. Contact us here. We will reply on the next working day.

Plovdiv, 4000, 68 Rayko Daskalov St. office 8; phone number +359899750335; email:bulgarianlex@gmail.com;