Easy  relocation to Bulgaria, tax residence in Bulgaria for EU citizens, shared residence address.

What is the difference between a "a resident" and "a tax resident"

Tens of thousands of EU citizens opt for comfortable personal tax relocation to Bulgaria. Easy lifestyle, cheaper accommodation, properties and definitely cheaper taxes. We assist in getting your Bulgarian ID residence card, Tax compliance, buying or renting residential property in Bulgaria. It's very important to understand what is the difference between a "a resident" and "a tax resident". A resident of Bulgarian just means that a person had a valid Bulgarian residence ID card which indicates his intention to settle in Bulgaria, however, this person can be a tax resident of another state. A resident of Bulgaria will become a "tax resident" only in case Bulgaria can be considered a center of his vital interest to a greater extent than any other state;

How do you become a resident and tax resident of Bulgaria.

  • All you need is a valid EU national ID document, a valid bank card and a suitable place to rent /in fact we can also provide accommodation/, it takes just 1 week to get a Bulgarian long term residence ID card, it's usually valid for 5 years;
  • We will liaise with real estate agents who can assist in finding an accommodation that suits your needs best;
  • Shared residence address is a cheap and flexible solution to maintain you residence registration while not being on the address all the time. This option suits digital nomads, adventurers or people who value their privacy ;
The criteria for individuals to be considered a tax resident in Bulgaria are set out in Art. 4 of the Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act. Regardless of his/her nationality, a Bulgarian resident shall be a person who:
  • has a permanent address in Bulgaria, or
  • resides in the territory of Bulgaria for more than 183 days in each twelve month period, or
  • resides abroad on assignment of the Bulgarian State, its authorities and/or its organizations, or Bulgarian enterprise, and also the members of his/her family, or
  • has his/her centre of vital interests in Bulgaria.
  • The person shall be regarded as resident for the year in which his/her stay exceeds 183 days. The days of entering and leaving the country shall be regarded separately as days of stay within the country. The period of stay in Bulgaria for the sole purpose of receiving education or medical treatment shall not be regarded as a period of stay in Bulgaria. A person shall have his/her centre of vital interests in Bulgaria when the interests of the person are closely connected with the country. When determining that, the following may be taken into consideration: the family, the property, the place in which the person carries out his/her employment, professional or business activity, and the place from which the person manages his/her property. A person who has a permanent address in Bulgarian but his/her centre of vital interests is not in the country, shall not be regarded as a Bulgarian resident. The relevant legislation could be found at: https://www.minfin.bg/en/174

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